Excel Writing Functions - Dynamic files export

Dear all,

can you help me to write an Excel Output with result saved as functions.

e. g. Result of a sum would be SUM(…) and so on?

KNIME do Things really efficiently but I Need as an Output a file with functions so that the user can just modify some column and the result will change also.

Yes it is possible to write functions to an Excel sheet with Python’s OpenPyXL and KNIME:


For further inspirations about KNIME and Python and Excel you might read this discussion.

kn_example_python_excel_enter_formula.knwf (23.2 KB)


@mlauber71 do you mind providing the rest of this workflow? I’m interested in seeing how all the nodes are configured.

Yes of course. I had it prepared as usual but forgot to upload it. Have attached it now to the original post.

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Thank you!

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