Exception in a node and Batch Mode Exection


I have run into the following problem: I have developed a node which processes all rows of the input in an independent way. To do this I have implemented a class which extends AbstractCellFactory. This class is appended into a ColumnRearranger object to create the output. This works nice, even it is possible to use multithreading support because the processing of the rows is independent.

Sometimes, unfortunately, a single row cannot be processed (rarely). In order to cope with this, the node throws a specific Exception and the output cell gets a missing value.

My real problem comes out when I try to execute this workflow in Batch Mode. I have noticed that when an exception is thrown,  the Batch Mode exits directly without finishing the work. How can I force the Batch Mode to finish all the input rows (taking into the account that some of them will not be processed and an Exception will be trhown) ?

Thanks in advance.


The BatchExecutor only quits if a node cannot be executed. The behaviour is identical to the KNIME GUI. This if you don't want the node to fail, you must not throw an exception in your CellFactory (because this leads to a failure of the complete node), but only log a warning or error.

Thank for your message! I will re-check the code following your instructions.