Exception in ConfigBase, AP won't load

This is the line of code:

        throw new InvalidSettingsException(
                "ConfigBase for key \"" + key + "\" not found.");

The key is “adapter_classes”.

NodeSettings(ConfigBase).getConfigBase(String) line: 179
NodeSettings(ConfigBase).getStringArray(String) line: 1108
NodeSettings(ConfigBase).getStringArray(String, String…) line: 1131
DataType.load(ConfigRO) line: 648
NodeSettings(Config).getDataType(String) line: 643
ColProperty.(NodeSettingsRO) line: 149
FileReaderNodeSettings.readColumnPropsFromConfig(NodeSettingsRO) line: 296
FileReaderNodeSettings.(NodeSettingsRO) line: 141
FileReaderNodeModel.readSettingsFromConfiguration(NodeSettingsRO, boolean) line: 290
FileReaderNodeModel.validateSettings(NodeSettingsRO) line: 361
Node.validateModelSettings(NodeSettingsRO) line: 667

It happens in a clean workspace with none of my nodes. The AP loads but is not usable, the node repository is not accessible. Until I can get this fixed, nothing is working.

Cannot fix.

I found that many of the Knime projects I had downloaded had been recompiled (not intentionally!), and the CLASS files were all new. The Run was using the JARs, but the Run Debug was using the CLASS files, and I can only assume one or more of those had been damaged or built wrong.

So I built a new SDK and workspace and it works just fine.

My advice: don’t have any Knime projects (source JAVA files) in your node dev workspace. If you need to browse Knime source, do it in a separate workspace and separate Eclipse instance. Bonus feature: it loads faster!


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