Exclude duplicates in rows and columns


I have a file with different fieldsets and the features we should use
Some features appear in different columns

I would like a list with a column of all the features (unique) and the fieldset as column headers and an indication which feature we need for a specific fieldset
I know how I can pivot but I am kind of lost with putting all the features in one column.
Can someone help me?

Hello @cinthy,

For this you can use Unpivoting node to get features into one column and follow it with Duplicate Row Filter node.

This can be achieved on more than 1 way but one is Transpose node followed by Row to Column Header.

Hope this helps!

This is applicable for version 4.7.x. Not sure if node names and functionalities are same in higher versions.


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I just found the answer
I’ve used unpivot and than pivot

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