Exclude hidden sheets in Read Excel Sheet Names

Hello everyone,

I need to read the visible sheet names of an Excel file. To do it, I have used a “Read Excel Sheet Names”, but excluding hidden sheets seems not an available option.

Here is another post I have found with the same problem.

It would be a great and simple feature I’d like to see in this node.

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Raffaello Barri

Hi @lelloba, something to play with while you wait… (yeah, I was bored!) :wink:

Sorry it can only handle local files rather than all the KNIME path types.

ps… if it works I’ll take the credit… but if there are bugs… blame chatGPT… :rofl:

… a second (possibly more friendly) option.

Drop the following component directly after a Read Excel Sheet Names node, and it should filter out the hidden sheets automatically…


Hi @takbb,

thank you very much! Boredom is the mother of great things :joy:

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