Execute a workflow at the end of another workflow

I have two workflows, and I want to automatically execute the second workflow at the end of the first.

The workflow invocation nodes appear to require input data of some kind?

I don’t need to pass anything to my second node, I just want it executed when the first workflow has finished.

Can anyone help me achieve this?

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@Mirri you can just send dummy data there via JSON files with the old call framework

Then you can configure the new call workflow framework to your needs:


I feel like i must be missing something basic.

On workflow A i can add a Call Workflow (Table Based) node which references Workflow B.

However, when I execute Workflow A, including the Call Workflow node, everything runs as expected but when it gets to the Call Workflow node, it goes green instantly without executing any of the nodes in Workflow B.

It appears i have to manually open Workflow B, reset all the nodes, save and close Workflow B, THEN execute Workflow A before the nodes in Workflow B are executed when Workflow A gets to the Call Workflow node.

Is there some setting that I’m not aware of which automatically resets the nodes in a called Workflow?

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@Mirri the workflow will have to be saved without data in a reset status.

Then there is a node to reset a workflow at the start:

And the KNIME server will offer functions to call and coordinate the running of workflows :slightly_smiling_face:

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