Execute failed: Cannot read file "knime_container_20200301_1905559478659870280.bin.snappy"

Hi there, I have a similar problem but since I use the internal storage option parquet my error looks just a bit different:


I have lots of variations of the same workflow (since I train quite a lot different models) and this is the first time this error poped up. Due to long run times I would be very hesitnt to switch back to zip storage …

Unfortunately we see some reports coming in from experienced users with storage problems. I have encountered some problems with knime and the parquet format for internal storage over time. But I was not yet able to produce a reproducible example. Which makes the whole thing more complex.

@Iris, @ScottF maybe KNIME could take an extra look at the storage settings and program parts.

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I am still on 4.1.4 but upgrading soon …

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Hi @Tom-Kuehner,

We are still actively working on resolving this issue, but weren’t able to reliably reproduce it yet.

Do you find a more detailed error (ideally with a stack trace) in your knime.log? Also, what operating system are you on?

Thanks for bringing this up.



Hi Marc,

I sent an email at the support (request (16462) ) including log and workflow files.
I am on a windows machine

Cheers Tom

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