Execute failed: Invalid row number (1048576) outside allowable range (0..1048575)

I receive the following error while writing to excel xlsx. "Execute failed: Invalid row number (1048576) outside allowable range (0..1048575) . "

I have more than 2 million records to export. 

How can I resolve it? 

This is an Excel maximum row limitation - you can't load much more than a million rows into Excel because the maximum number of rows allowable in any sheet is just >1m.

Your resolution will depend on what you wish to do with the data once it's in Excel. You might consider.

1) writing half the data to an excel and appending the second half into a second excel sheet in the same workbook (xls writer and appender nodes)

2) writing the data to a database (database write node) and importing it straight into an Excel pivot table (no strict row limitations when importing straight to a pivot table)

3) keeping your analysis within KNIME (KNIME has in built charting and analysis tools)

4) pushing the data to an R extension node and doing your analysis there.

Lots of options other than these - just depends what you want to do.