Execute failed: Media type separator is missing

Hello knime experts.

I’m having this problem with my workflow: I’m using POST REQUEST node to make a simple HTTPS call but I’m getting this error: “Execute failed: Media type separator is missing”. There is something I’m missconfiguring I think since the issue is intermittent, meaning that sometimes after restarting my PC it starts working. In the other hand I have a reference workflow where that node is being used and always works unlike mines which has a not reliable behaviour.

Do you have any ideas on what could be happening?

Best regards.

Hi @andres_chacon

happy to help. :slight_smile:
First of I have a whole bunch of requests though:

  • What version of KNIME are you using?
  • Could you share your log file with us? Its located at <knime-workspace>/.metadata/knime/knime.log.
  • If possible, could you also share your workflow and reference workflow? Usually its a great help, if we can reproduce the error.

Thanks and kind regards