Execute failed: New line in quoted string (or closing quote missing).

Hi Guys,

Im trying to import a .csv file using “file reader node”, My sample data is as below,


After i import this data using file reader node, the out put rows are getting shifted to the right because of the “,” with in the cell. Below is the output screenshot of the file reader node:

Settings on file reader node :
1)Column delimiter is set to “,”
2)Advanced> ticked Quoted strings can extend over multiple lines and ticked allow short lines

Is there any other settings to read the data correctly ?

Can you check the format of your CSV files using a text editor like Notepad++ or similar? Looking at CSVs with Excel can be deceiving.

If you can post a small example of your file (instead of a screenshot) that would help too.

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You could try and use R readr to import the CSV file

Hi @ScottF,

here is a sample data attached:

Knime test.txt (13.1 KB)

You have a weird consistency in line 23-29 that’s confusing KNIME - there’s an unclosed quote with a line break in between. When I remove those lines everything parses OK, so I’m guessing there’s a bit more cleanup you need to do first?

Actually these are system generated reports and i have about 10 .csv reports , i want to combine them all.
Im trying to build a workflow as below :

As you correctly said these random lines are visible when opened on notpad and not visible on excel,
could you advice as to how to handle this situation on knime?

using r’s readr comes up with this result:

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I was able to read it using the settings in the attached workflow. A portion of the troublesome line is displayed below.

CSVLineBreakExample.knwf (15.2 KB)

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Hi @mlauber71,

Im getting an error : Error: there is no package called ‘readr’

looks like i have to install this “R package”, can you guide me with how to install this package?

You should first follow the


And if you encounter further problems you might want to explore this topic. Please note some hints might be outdated.

Does the Simple File Reader (https://kni.me/n/QBCUcuEoRgVQMih0) work?

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