Execute failed: output_table_1 is not defined.


I have a python script that is running locally on my Spyder program.
I would like to run it now within KNIME.
But I havent understand the concept in general. I am getting always the message: Execute failed: output_table_1 is not defined.

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # Define the URL to crawl
    url = input_table_1['web']

    # Create a session object to maintain a persistent connection
    session = requests.Session()

    # Crawl the website and extract data for the first level of links
    page_data = [crawl_website(url, session)]
    # Write the data to a CSV file
    write_to_csv(page_data, 'output.csv')

The input seems to work, but I dont know how to define the output.
From my naiv understanding I am writing the following, but this doesnt work:

# Write the data to a CSV file
output_table_1 = page_data

I guess this is more a python question than KNIME, but maybe someone can give me a hint?

@wantti you might want to explore these articles and the samples from this space:



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