Execute failed: Too few data elements


I run write papaer workflow:Taming the Internet of Things with KNIME,below error information printed:

ERROR     File Reader                        Execute failed: Too few data elements (line: 2 (Row0), source: 'file:/F:/快盘/BI/knime/Taming%20the%20Internet%20of%20Things%20with%20KNIME/Raw%20Data/Format2012/workflowset.meta') 


I would guess that the file being read is a different format to the first iteration of the loop?

If  your comments are true, could you please let me know how to fix it?


I am also receiving this error. Will continue to try to fix, but any help would be appreciated.

I would suggest trying to set the "short line" option in File Reader advanced option. If this doesn't help, I would replace the File Reader with the CSV Reader (using a strange column delimiter!) and later split the rows after all the data is concatenated.


Looks like that did the trick. Thanks for the help!

How to check the short line option? It suggests different options (url, location, …)?

I was getting this error using the CSV Reader node, and selecting the “Support Short Lines” option in the Settings tab resolved it, thanks for the tip!


The same thing happened to me and selecting this option everything worked perfectly. Thank you!!!

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Tank you so much, @garyroll it’s work!