Execute failed "tool executor" "is not known" after nightly update

I just added the nightly build of OpenMS to my KNIME 3.5.2 install in Windows 12. Now when I try to run a workflow that previously worked I get an error when running TextExporter:

Execute failed: The tool executor ‘com.genericworkflownodes.knime.execution.impl.LocalToolExecutor’ is not known. Please check your configuration.

How do I go about trying to resolve this? I’ve never seen this error before.


I think we discussed that privately already but for completeness here.
This should be fixed in the new nightlies.

Indeed that was it. I wasn’t sure if the problem was with my installation of KNIME or my installation of OpenMS inside of KNIME, so I posted the problem here as well just in case. Things seem normal since the latest OpenMS nightly. I couldn’t tell from the error message where to start.

Thank you!

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