execute in chunks

Hi All,

After String Manipulation, I have create the “Create” statements. I want to execute these create statements in chunks of 20 statements at a time.

I have used “Chuck Loop Start”, but I suspect that somewhere the same create statement is run more than 1 time.

Also, I don’t see sequential ID, rather random ID.

My Questions are -

  1. I am doubtful about the seeing random ID, than sequential ID, am I correct ?
  2. Am I using the correct node → “Chunk Look Start”.
  3. Are there any nodes, that can automatically kick off parallel chunks , or split into chunks and execute on the graph database ?

Hi @dvkumaraws2019

Would it be possible for you to upload an example of your data so that we can better understand your question, work on it and most probably provide solutions ?

Thanks & regards,



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