execute permission to a user on web portal

Hello Knime,
I have created a workflow to be executed on knime web portal.
Also, I have created a user to execute the workflow, but I want to restrict that user to execute only to a particular workflow and not all other workflows.

Can someone please direct me on how I can make this setting?

Thank you.

Hi @ShinagdeS , you can grant access per folder, so you can group your workflows in some folders and give access to only certain folder(s) to certain users.

Be mindful that if the workflow itself is writing something to a folder, that it has permission to write to the folder - there should be a “service account” that the knime server runs under, and it’s this service account that should have access for the workflow to be able to write.

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Hi @bruno29a, thanks for replying promptly.

I can create a scenario here, lets say I have a group stakeholder and I have two users A and B in the same group. Also I have two worksflows W1 and W2
Now I want to maintain the two users in the same group but they should execute two different workflows.
i.e A can execute W1 but not W2 and B can execute W2 not W1.

Thank you.

hi @bruno29a,
I was able to get question resolved.

Thanks for the information.

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