Execute remote command via SSH in WSL2


I have Knime client installed in Windows 11. Also WSL with Ubuntu. SSH connection is working (tested from powershell). I want to use WSL to execute a command via ssh from Knime, since the current command is only working on Linux, not Windows.

I’m trying to use External SSH Tool. The connection looks good. However, it provides me with an error:

Execute failed: No such a file

I don’t understand the message. Here is a screenshot of the configuration


Hi @fmgarcia85 and welcome to the forum. (Also, sorry for the delayed response.)

I wonder a little bit about the configuration for the remote command. Usually, as specified in the node description, you would

Use the placeholders “$inFile” and"$outFile" for the remote input file and remote output file.

But here you’re not doing that, so how would the pharmscreen executable know what to do when you haven’t provided any place for its input or output?

What happens if you tweak the remote command?

If that doesn’t help, you might also consider changing the remote input file to something other than /dev/null, since I can imagine that might also cause problems.

Sorry I can’t make more specific suggestions, I’m just thinking out lout a bit here based on your screenshot. Cheers!

Hi @ScottF ,

Thanks for your reply. I played around with the options and I was able to execute using the $inFile and $outFile. However I was not convinced of the output provided (mainly reasons from how to connect with the outfiles generated).

Finally I decided to move forward with Python Script node to call wsl and my tool. which worked perfectly fine! In fact I’ve started to work on my own Python Extension Node!


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Great, I’m glad you were able to find a workaround. If you have questions while you work on your own node (exciting!), please post them to Node Development so we can assist :slight_smile:

Thanks, @ScottF. Already added a question there :wink:


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