execute workflow daily without KNIME server

Is it possible to execute workflow in KNIME analytics platform periodically like daily cron job without using the KNIME server?

Take a look at KNIME’s FAQ webpage:

There you can find the question:
“Is there any way to run KNIME in batch mode, i.e. only on command line and without the graphical user interface?” which then refers you to the way to run a Workflow in the command line, and from there, if you’re on WIndows, you could create a .bat file and refer to it at Windows’ Task Scheduler; if you’re on GNU/Linux then you could create a BASH script and refer to it with cron as you said.
knime -nosplash -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION​

I normally use it with the -workflowFile=“PATH_TO_FILE/Knime_project.zip” option by previously saving the project folder as a ZIP file.

You could also use the -consoleLog option for testing before creating your cron job to see if your Workflow is working as intended.

Good luck,

Thanks a lot! That is very helpful.
What if my workflow has report tool(BIRT)? Will the command line execution also start the report and generate report result?