Executing a workflow with java


my problem is execute a knime workflow in a java project.
I’ve seen faq where are the instruction to use knime in batch mode, but when I run my java project knime opens the workflow but doesn’t execute it.
How I can do???

I post the .bat file’s content:

c:\knime\knime.exe -consoleLog -application -workflowDir=“C:/Knime/workspace/Vid” -workflowFile=“C:/Knime/workspace/Vid/workflow.knime” org.knime.core.node.workflow.BatchExecutor



Here is the command slightly adapted:
c:\knime\knime.exe -application org.knime.product.BATCH_APPLICATION -nosplash -noexit -consoleLog -reset -workflowDir=“C:/knime/workspace/Vid”

  1. Define the application to run correctly: -application org.knime.product.BATCH_APPLICATION
  2. First define the application you want to run, then the parameters
  3. Either define -workflowDir (the location of the directory containing the workflow), or -workflowFile (the location of the zip archive containing the workflow)
  4. the -reset option resets the workflow prior to execution.
Let us know if you still encounter problems.


thanks for your response.

I’ve modified .bat file with your string but it gives me an error.
Seeing the log files I’ve seen this message "java.lang.RuntimeException: Application “org.knime.product.BATCH_APPLICATION” could not be found in the registry."
So I’ve changed “org.knime.product.BATCH_APPLICATION” with “org.knime.product.KNIME_APPLICATION” (without the quotes) but it gives me the problem I’ve exposed: the program loads the workflow but doesn’t execute it. :frowning:

It must be KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION, I guess. There is also a FAQ entry to avoid further errors. Cheers Bernd

Thanks Bernd,
now it works!

It was KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION without KNIME_APPLICATION only opens the file but doesn’t execute it.

KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION instead opens and execute the wokflow.

Thanks for the help.



Please tell me how to make workfow autoexecute in a fixed time everyday without KNIME Enterprise server supporting. If possible, give me a simple example. my mail is