Execution of KNIME on Server - GUI

Hi Community,

I have been working on KNIME for the past 3 months. And it is an amazing software to be using for Data Analysis. However, recently, I have developed one workflow which connects data through various Databases, and runs a lot of nodes on the same. While executing this workflow, I get error of Heap space and the application closes automatically. I have increased the head space through the Knime.ini to the maximum of my system but still it is not executed.
To solve the same, I have a Linux server on which I installed the KNIME application platform and plan to execute the workflow using that server. Please note that this is not the KNIME server, but a normal Linux server wherein I have installed KNIME.
The problem I am facing is I am not aware of the commands to be ran in the terminal to execute the workflow. Since there is no GUI application or widget for KNIME, I am unable to execute the workflow.

So, I request anyone to help me out to either provide the command to run the workflow on the server or is there a workaround on the same. Or if there is a way I can get an GUI widget for the KNIME platform on my Linux server.


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on our Ubuntu Server and MobaXterm as a console tool - we can start the grafical interface from the consoleā€¦
Did you already try to run ./knime from your Installation folder?

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