Executor Monitoring

We maintain scores of applications and I am wondering if anyone has had an opportunity to use any external monitoring applications to monitor the executor, specifically, on KNIME Server. I currently have appdynamics configured to monitor the tomcat for KNIME Server, but our team is looking for a possible external monitor for the executor. It appears possible to do so using the KNIME REST api but we’d like to know if there are other options anyone has tried and found useful.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Eric,

I’m not sure about other tools, but using the REST API you can get several information.


Will return information about every executor, e.g. general state, cpu load, memory, available disk space and so on.
I’d recommend to check out the Swagger UI page for the server and try out the different functions available in the Admin category.


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Julian, thank you for your input. We don’t currently have the REST API license, but this is more support for adding it.


Hi Eric, can you help with instrumenting Appdynamics to monitor the tomcat for KNIME linux server

Hi @ramalo89,

I’m not really knowledgable of appdynamics, but maybe these resources help:


I assume @ehansen4 has more insights. :blush:


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