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I can use some guidance on a recurring error message I get when running jobs on the server. The error I get on a Call Workflow Service node is
“Execute failed: Job wasn’t loaded within 1 minute. This usually happens if the executor is overloaded or if no executor is available at all. Please check back with your server administrator.”

We run Knime server on a Vritual Machine in Azure. The virtual machine image is “Knime server small-414” and it has 4 CPUs with 16GB RAM . We use a “main flow” that calls about 20 underlying workflows in a sequence every day at 3 AM. The main flow is structured in such a way that up to 3 flows can be called at once, but not more than that. Our server executor has 4 core tokens, which I interpret as is being able to run up to 4 flows at once. considering the set-up, I would not expect an executor overload to occur. What is even more baffling, is that on some days it seems to run fine, with no issues, but on other days it runs into errors.

I tried to change the server configuration to allow for longer load times, but this does not seem to fix the problem. We recently moved from 4 concurrently executing flows to 3, but this also does not seem to fix the problem.

Any help in better understanding the issue, and hopefully fixing it, is much appreciated!

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Hi @mercurias,

We had similar issues in the past.
What version is your executor running on and which nodes are you using to call the other workflows?

We are using the “Call Workflow (Table Based)” in combination with a “Mountpoint Connector”.
We manually increased the “loadTimeout” from 60 to 300 seconds cause there were some issues with the node configurations.


For us there were some underlying server issues which caused the load time to suddenly go over 60 seconds causing this issue, but this was our workaround.

FYI, we are on 4.16 / 4.7.7, so I’m not sure if this fix will also work for you.

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