Exlude/remove Row ID column in Table Row to Variable node

Hi, is there any way to prevent to store as variable the Row ID colum when I run the Table Row to Variable node? 

Since when I run the variable conversion the node also converts the Row ID as variable but in my case is pretty useless. 



Hi Giulio,

this is not possbile. But you can filter variables, if you put the generator (in your care the Table Row to Variable) inside a wrapped node. Than you can define in the wrapped node output which variables should be available after the wrapped node.

Cheers, Iris

Hi Giulio,

you can select any nodes in your workflows (multiple if you are using the ctrl in addtion) and than right click the node and select wrap into meta node. If you than open the meta ode (right-click-Metanode - open) you can configure the output and there select the variables.

But I would suggest, you just ignore the additional created flow variables, they will not disturb your flow.

Cheers, Iris

Hi Iris, thank you for your reply.

I never used a wrapped node. What's exactly the functionality? And how can I (I mean in concrete) decide how to select only the variables that I need to use? Are there any options to select?

After collapsing into Wrapped Node I got WrappedNode Input > Table Row to VariableWrappedNode Output

If I try to exclude the Row ID in the WrappedNode Output the Row ID variable is still not excluded from the variables list that I want to use.

Okay, It works!

Thank you very much.