Explain wkf with wkf

Hi, I saw that with the introduction of the integration with ChatGPT it is possible to obtain the explanation of a wkf made using another wkf where can I find an example if it has been done? Or is there a possibility to get an explanation even without ChatGPT?


Hi @cridiaz ,


Without much AI involved, you can use the Workflow Summary Extractor to get the workflow details as XML. Then, you can use the Analyze Workflow Summary verified component to get insights out of it.

However, the same XML could be parsed and then sent to a LLM model via the model prompter. I am not aware of an existing example, but it should’t be too hard. Let us know if you manage to do it!


Thanks, I’ll give it a try and let you know @emilio_s

Thanks @emilio_s I tried and I might be close to the conclusion but I would like to have a text document more or less like this one in the image

If I remember right, this image is from @nemad 's recent presentation at KNIME Summit, yes? Maybe we can get him to chime in.

Yes, that’s right, it comes from a presentation by the Knime Data Hop in Munich :slight_smile:

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Hello @cridiaz,

you can find the GenAI Workflow Explainer here: GenAI Workflow Explainer – KNIME Community Hub

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Thx @nemad and @ScottF

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