"Explorer Browser" node

Hi all,

I have a workflow which uses the "Explorer Browser" node. This workflow creates some result files, and uses the  "Explorer Browser" node to find the local path where to save them (here the knime://knime.workflow/.. relative location is used).

With a fresh KNIME installation, I installed  all nodes under "Knime & extensions", "Knime Labs extensions" trees (from  http://update.knime.org/analytics-platform/3.3 update site), but I did not find the "Explorer Browser" node anymore (it used to be under the "IO->Read" tree in Explorer repository).

What I missed to install?  Or has the  "Explorer Browser" node been deprecated?

Many thanks.


the node can be found in KNIME Local Automation extension.

You can get this via the KNIME store update site, by installing the KNIME Personal Productivity Tools.

The node itself does not need any licence.

Best regards, Iris

Hi Iris,
many thanks for your prompt answer.

I forgot the KNIME store update site. Now I can install the Explorer Browser node.