Exploring the Use of KNIME in Procurement: Seeking Real-World Use Cases and Insights

Dear KNIME Community,

My name is Arne and I am a student studying Business Informatics at the TH-Köln. As part of my studies, I am currently researching the use of KNIME in Procurement and would like to gather more information and real-world use cases.

I recently had the opportunity to interview a KNIME user named kowisoft regarding their experience using KNIME in Procurement. It was a very informative conversation and now, I am looking to gather more information from the community and explore other companies that use KNIME in procurement to gain a broader understanding of the potential of KNIME in this area.

If you or someone you know has experience using KNIME in Procurement, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to ask a few questions and learn from your experience. Please feel free to reach out to me via private message or reply to this post.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

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Could you explain what “Procurement” would mean for you or is this a Shibboleth that would self-select the possible interviewees :slight_smile:

Sure Procurement refers to the process of acquiring goods from an external source, usually a supplier or vendor. It involves a series of activities, such as identifying the need for a product or service, selecting the appropriate supplier, negotiating the terms and conditions of the contract. I would say it self selecting but if u have any tipps for research or know work like this inventory optimize solution pleas let me know.

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Happy to share my experience, feel free to DM.

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Happy to hear that, unfortunately I can’t send you a DM in the forum, so it would be possible for you to send me an email so that we can get in touch. arnejakob.pp@gmail.com

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Will do! I’ll send a note now - let me know if you didn’t receive.

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