Export a table as image

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to read an Excel file, color rows according to a property and save the output as image. I have been searching for solutions in this forum but nothing is working for me (mainly because I don’t have to manipulate my data, create charts, etc.). Here is what I have tried:

and this is the output of the Table View node :

Can anyone help?

Thanks a lot


@sdevita7 you could take a look at this example using also a R node:


I have already tried it, but it does not work with my data.

Error: there is no package called 'gridExtra'
Error: could not find function "grid.table"

I guess I don’t have the packages required.

Well yes you would have to install R and the necessary package(s).


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Ok, I managed to obtain the image but my table is too big to be displayed ant it results cropped. Any other idea?