Export as XML File

Is there any possibility to export knime tables as XML-Files?
I tried the following way to do that:
- first change every column with a "rename" Node into string
- change the content of every column into a XML-Tag by using a Java-Sniplet:
and override the column with the return code.
- export the table as Textfile.

But Exporting tables is only supported as csv Format. So I get the result with "," between my XML-Tags. Is it possible to export Tables as Textfiles without any additional characters? Or is there another possibility to export as XML (maybe BIRT?)


Hmm, XML directly is not (yet) supported. Adding a node that is based on BIRT and generates XML would not be too complicated given that we already have two for PDF and HTML (you can not re-use the HTML node, can you?).
How about putting all of your columns into one new cell via the Java Snippet node?

""+$Vorgangsnr$+" " + $column2$ + ""...

Cumbersome, I know.
Maybe using the BIRT stuff and adding an own node is worth it if you need this often.

Unfortunately there isn't any way - I can think of - to write out tables as XML files.
If you are a Java developer it would be pretty straight forward to write such a node. Use the New Node Wizard, and have a look at the code of the CSVWriterNodeModel and the CSVWriter class. An XMLWriter would do a very similar thing, just wrapping the rows and cell content in some XML tags. I guess.

Hello again,

actually the Java Sniplet with:
""+$Vorgangsnr$+" " + $column2$ + ""...
works rather good, but ...
Trying to export the result into a File with the "CVS Writer" adds a quotation mark at the beginnig and the end of each line. Is there any way to get rid of that?

Greetings Frank

Not with the CSV Writer.
The ARFF Writer only adds quotes if needed (i.e. the value contains a space or comma).
But the ARFF Writer adds a couple of header lines you can't get rid of....