Export Component View As Interactive Dashboard (can be in any file type)

Hi everyone,
I built an interactive dashboard with Component, now I want to export them as HTML or some sort of file that I can include in my PowerPoint. But it has to be interactive even when exporting.

I try Report HTML Writer but not working :confused:

If I understand correctly you are looking for a way to turn a component view into something that you can embed into PowerPoint (like it is possible with PowerBI Dashboards) and to keep the interactivity (so you can use widgets within PowerPoint and reload data).

Very interesting thought but I honestly do not think this is currently possible.

There is the KNIME Reporting extension which was a major upgrade from the previously supported BIRT Designer, but as far as I know it generates only static outputs (PDF or HTML), but once the report is generated, any interactivity that you enjoy in KAP or KNIME HUB is lost :frowning: .

There’s a good post on the KNIME blog about this extension - recommend to check it out.


Thanks a lot for your comment, I will check it blog you recommend.

Pretty sad that it is not possible yet, but hopefully in the future, KNIME will develop this feature.