Export Component View As PDF

Is it possible to export a component view as a PDF? I’d like to attach it to an email as a single file.


Hi @RedJungleBear,

Open Component view > Right Click on view page > Print… > Save as PDF



I might be missing something simple/stupid, but when I try saving the PDF, it doesn’t include any items below the initial landing/anything that has to be scrolled to

You have to change the layout of the component view and apply some new sizes to the items and also work on scaling option when printing.

Maybe if you can provide your workflow (with some example data), then I can work on it.


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I ended up using a Chrome extension (“SingleFile”) to save the webportal view as an HTML file (with js+CSS packaged in same file). I lost interactive charting, but the process ends up producing a cleanly formatted, scrollable file that can be easily shared through email.


Hi @armingrudd

Do you have any experience what sizes and scaling options could work?

Thank you in advance

Hi, I don’t see Component view. May you Attach a screenshoot?

Hi @Teo23Rugg,

In the current CEF browser, it is not possible to do that. You can suggest the feature here:


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is there still no option to save a chart as a PNG or PDF?