Export featureXML into KNIME table

I am able to change featureXML results into a KNIME table using the TextExporter and FeatureTextReader, but it does not transfer over columns such as "file_origin" and other XML items that are defined by "userparam".  Is there a good workaround or fix for this?

We are in the process of deprecating the specific Feature/Consensus/IDTextReader nodes in the favor of the more general MzTabExporter and MzTabReader combination.

Have a look into chaining these two nodes and view the resulting tables. Hopefully, they yield the information you need.

Thanks.  I tried chaining the mzTab nodes as you suggested but then ran into this error:  Execute failed: For input string: "3379.80589999998|3433.54720000002"

It looks like it is having trouble parsing the RT range column from an identXML file.

This still does not work for me.  I must be doing something wrong as I don't think the MzTabReader wouldn't be able to recognize the output from MzTabExporter.

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