Export Image as png

Hi there,

I created some simple scatter plots with the “scatter plot” node which I want to export as an png file. Unfortunately it’s stored as svg which is quite an unusual format here.
Is there an easy option to switch this setting?



not sure if this fits the definition of “easy”, but you can use a combination of Read Images, Renderer to Image and Image Writer to convert from SVG to PNG:

And a bonus: I have run said workflow extensively to mass-produce some PNGs for a web page and noticed that some PNGs would end up with useless white space. There’s the Trim Image Whitespace in Palladian to handle this for you:

Hope this helps!


Hello @ActionAndi,

not within node(s). In case you don’t know see here on how to make it png:


Thank you. But to be honest, this process is really sad: Two more nodes are needed for the conversion…

Interestingly you can specifiy the png-renderer within python view nodes and export the image directly with the “image writer (port)” node

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