Export multiple graphs?


I am producing multiple scatter plots and I’d love to be able to export them in a report. It could just be a “collage” of images, I just wish I could have a page with all my graphs. If I could even add a title, that would be superb.

I tried using a Jonier and then a Table to Image, but the Table to Image asks me to select one or the other graph. I also tried Image to Report but it doesn’t accept the output from a joiner.

Does anyone have a solution?

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If you install the KNIME reporting extension, you can do it via a BIRT report. Here is a guide to get you started with that: Getting Started with BIRT in KNIME | KNIME.
I hope that helps!
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Thank you for your help Alexander, I will look into it Birt!

@Anjalie what you could do would be to export the graphics as PNG and then place them into an excel file. Not very elegant but you would have them in one file / overview.