Export Photos from SQL Table to local Disk

Please help.

  1. I need to export jpeg photos as binary data from a SQL Server Table to local disk. Which Node will be good for this?
  2. PS I will also ask for a node with a loop selecting the next photos for export

Table1: RowID / Name / extension / Binaries_data /

@Iwo you can take a look at this example. On the right side of the workflow you see how to extract image files from SQLite

About loops you can read

Hi mlauber71. These are binary photo files in JPG format in unknown encoding, not PNG.
I tried the “binary objects to Files” node, but unfortunately the final file on disk is not recognized by image viewers

@Iwo I have created an example how to load and retrieve JPG/JPEG files into a SQLite database.

If you have jpeg files as binary columns in a SQLite database you could retrieve them like this. Define the image as BLOG (or try Binary) in the DB Table Selector.

Then you can convert the binary cells to jpg files with the Binary Objects to Files node

DB SQL - SQLite - store and read JPEG Files in databases - also using Python.knwf (480.8 KB)