Export pivot table in pivot format


What can I do for exporting pivoting in excel in a pivot format and not table format?

Hello @sebastian911

First of all: Welcome to the world of KNIME.

The Pivot node has three tables

  • The pivot table
  • Group totals
  • Pivot totals

The node has three outputs, one for each of these tables.
Adding a (xls) writer node to the output might be what you look for.

Thank you so much.

Yes. I did this, but it export table, not pivot.

and i want


This is just an exemple.


Not sure whether I understand you correct. Maybe you can share your workflow with some sample data and the desired output to understand better your requirement

I don’t know of any magic bullet (export to pre-built pivot) solution, but I often use the Excel Writer / Excel Cell Updater to update sheets and cells that are referenced by ranges into other sheets containing user friendly interactive controls. That way your workflow updates only the sheets containing the underlying data and the sheets with your excel formulas / formatting stay intact. I also occasionally use the Continental Nodes to apply various formatting on the KNIME side as well.

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