Export Report to Excel - with images

Hi all,

in an earlier post I mentioned that I have a report that contains in each line

- a chemical structure (as an image)

- a plot of some statistical properties of this structure (created with an R-node)

- some properties of the structure as numbers

It would be great if I could export this report to Excel with the images in place.

The PDF-Output looks fine, but I would find much greater acceptance with my project partners if they could have it in Excel. (Easy rearrangement of lines etc.)

Is there any way to do this?



I'm in a similar situation but I want to export to PowerPoint. I have a chart and a table in the report but when I export to PowerPoint I just get the code.

I would be grateful if someone could help



This works indeed by using the Data to Report node (for data) and Image to Report node (for image) from the Reporting category to get data and image into the KNIME Report Designer. After creating the report, use Run > View Report to export the report in PPT.

How can this be done for chemical structures? Image to report requires an image input.

I beleive you can render the chemical structures as images using the Renderer to SVG node (from KNIME SVG support extension), so you can use the Data to Report node to bring those images as a column to the report. (Using them a bit more trickier, hopefully you can figure it out. In the previews I could not make the SVG images visible, it seems the server sends them as text/plain, even though I set the mime type to image/svg+xml. If you have a workaround -not converting to PNG-, I would like to read that.)

Cheers, gabor

I have just seen this video, maybe it will help solve your problem.

You can create a chart in PowerPoint or Excel. If there is a lot of data, create a chart in Excel, and then copy it into a presentation. This method is also optimal if the data is regularly changed and it is necessary that the diagram always be relevant. In this case, when you copy the chart, save it to the original Excel file. and resolve their issues can find everything about powerpoint
[https://www.templatemonster.com/powerpoint-templates.php](http://and resolve their issues can find everything about poverpoint)
Tip: If you insert a chart near its right upper corner, small buttons appear. Use the button Chart elements Button “Chart elements” to display, hide or format elements such as names of axes or data signatures. Use the Chart Styles button to set the chart view to quickly change the color or style of the chart. Using the Chart Filters button The “Chart Filters” button can display or hide data in the diagram.