Exporting plugin with reference to external eclipse project

Hi all,

I've build my own KNIME node in java which wrappes code from an existing project.

To do so I've created in the existing eclipse workspace a seperate project using the wizard and added a reference to the other project in the builder.

However, when I export the plugin the code in the original project is not included in the jar. This results (a) in a warning during the export and (b) it is not possible to load the node in knime. Is there any trick to how I can convince the export wizard to include the classes from the other project.



best regards

The easiest way to do this is by converting the other project to an eclipse plugin(/OSGi bundle) too and add it as a(n OSGi) dependency. You might want to create a feature including both and add the feature and the two plugins to an update site for exporting/sharing your work.


thanks for the hint.

Actually, in the meantime I aready tried to simplify stuff a little and moved the plugin code to a subpacke in the original project. Now I have two packages

<originalpackage> and <originalpackage>.knime

However, knime still reports that it has unresolved compilation problems for classes in <originalpackage> do I have to add a reference somehwhere?

For all referenced files it tells me

The import <originalpackage>.SomeClass can not be resolved.


Thanks for any further hints