Expose more Render options (or at least change defaults used in KNIME)

I'm unsure if this exstension is even being developed or maintained anymore? 

Anyway it woudl greatly help if more if not all render options are actually exposed in KNIME and can be set.

My main gripe is the option 


See also http://lifescience.opensource.epam.com/indigo/options/rendering-options.html

This is set by default to "terminal-hetero" meaning every terminal carbon is labelled with C.


Please expose this or at least change the default to "hetero":



terminal-hetero looks ridiculous and I doubt anyone actually want it displayed like this?


Also please expose render-background-color. Albeit default of transparent is good.


thank you for this idea, we will consider the question about adding options for renderer into plugin's settings.


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We added options requested by you and another ones for Indigo renderer. It will be available in nightly build, then, if everything is fine, we will merge it to the 3.1 branch.

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Great. Thank you.

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