extension "community-contributions" always be available?

Good afternoon. @AnotherFraudUser,
Sir, how are you?
I installed knime_4 on my computer.7.2 use this version constantly.

Tell me, at which URL will the “AF Utility Nodes” extension always be available so that I can always download them for this version?

Now I’m looking at an inaccessible address:

Dear @Nuke_Attokurov,

some things seem to be mixed up here. The community contributions update sites are provided by KNIME and not by single contributors. The URL you gave is correct and has the AF Utility extension available for installation for KNIME Analytics Platform 4.7:

Now, these links are not browsable via your web browser. This does not mean that they do not work.

Does this solve your question?

Best regards


Hello, I want to run the extension via Dockerfile, so this method you are talking about is not suitable.

Hi guys,

NodePit have extensions for Knime and some of them are AF Utilities. You can see it from this link

For Knime application, you can add all nodes extensions from this link: And make download from this link: https://download.nodepit.com/4.7

An example of one node:

Below the link for Knime application, you have a link do download a zip, but it’s responsable from Nodepit.



I hope that it helped you and understand where you can goto get it.




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