Extension node with Credentials - need code example

i am currently trying to develop a special database connector and would like to offer the user the option to use workflow credentials instead of username/password.
I wanted to follow the example of the DatabaseConnector, but cannot find its source code anywhere (including the NodePit).
The basic problem I am facing is that the credentials-provider is not set in the dialog. Could someone please provide a code snippet that shows how to define a widget that uses credentials?


you could use the DialogComponentAuthentication and the SettingsModelAuthentication which can be both found in knime-core.
Hope that helps.


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That is what I am using, but the credentials provider in the dialog component is always null and therefore the ‘credentials’ option is disabled. The workflow does have credentials.
I thought I am missing some config option or setting and that’s why I wanted to look at a working code example.


since I’ve only used it in closed source code, I’ve hacked down a small and dirty example on how to you it using the NumberFormatterNode example project.

org.knime.examples.credentials.zip (17.6 KB)

The node simply takes the credentials and outputs is as a string. The important part is that you have to provide a CredentialsProvider when you access the username and the password from the SettingsModel itself.

I hope this helps.



Yes, many thanks - that helped a lot.
For others, here is what was missing:
Our code for the dialog component extends DefaultNodeSettingsPane and we use

	m_authenticationModel = OurNodeModel.settingsModelAuthentication();

	m_authenticationPanel = new DialogComponentAuthentication(m_authenticationModel, null,
			AuthenticationType.USER_PWD, AuthenticationType.CREDENTIALS);


to add the credentials part of the node configuration. What was missing was that we needed to overwrite the 2 methods save/loadAdditionalSettingsFrom/To:

public void saveAdditionalSettingsTo(final NodeSettingsWO settings) throws InvalidSettingsException {

public void loadAdditionalSettingsFrom(final NodeSettingsRO settings,
        final DataTableSpec[] specs) throws NotConfigurableException {
	try {

		m_authenticationPanel.loadSettingsFrom(settings, specs, getCredentialsProvider());
	} catch (InvalidSettingsException e) {
		throw new NotConfigurableException(e.getMessage(), e);

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