external tool lab

dear all,

When i try to use external lab tool with a jar file i find that failed due to impossible to find file . I use %inFile% as imput port but seems that the sdf file port0' is not imported.


Can you help me to set well this kind of node?

thanks in advance

Dear fab,
I've tried the same and came to the same result... it does not work.

I think it has been created with "un*x" in mind ...

However, the nice thing with Knime is that the source code is included:

look into org.knime.exttool.source_2.4.0.0029648.jar and then you can understand how it works (and how not).

Yes, the node has been tested mainly on Linux (the nightly tests are on a linux box, too). In fact, the customer who sponsored the node is only using it on linux (and not the node itself but custom extensions of that node).

However, it should also run on windows. I tried a simply
  copy %inFile% %outFile%

but that doesn't seem to work. As copy is a shell command I tried
  cmd /c "copy %inFile% %outFile%"

and that works. Ideally this node would get additional options to wrap the commandline in a shell call (bash, tcsh, cmd) - but then again this is not going to happen unless someone sponsors it or there are 100+ different posts here in the forum requesting that feature.


Thankyou Bernd for your fast reply and detailed description, that makes sense.
Best regards

Dear fab,
In some cases, you might need to do a "cd" to a specific directory and then issue the command from there. I just found a good documentation on how to do it at the following Microsoft page:http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/ntcmds_shelloverview.mspx?mfr=true

Be aware, "cd" will not work, however "pushd" does :-)
Therefore ...

(pushd C:\\temp\\your-target-dir && java -jar My.jar %inFile% %outFile%)

does the job of changing directory and then running the job...


Actually, I failed in getting that working ... therefore I would very much welcome the extended portability of the node also for win* ...