External Tool node - Vb.exe

Hi Team

I am having vb.exe that reads the column data in an excel file and do some string manipulation and then split the content into 2 columns. This is actually a part of work that I do in Excel.

As I am migrating my excel job into knime I want to use External tool node to run this exe in the output table of the previous node and read the exe output for further processing. 

I need your help on how to connect my exe with the node output. I couldn't find a proper example. Please help.

Hi Nalini,

Can you please share your workflow so that I can see what you have done thus far? Please note that you need to provide the appropriate command line arguments to read the file with your external tool. You also need to configure your external tool to write its output to the location specified in the External Tool node.

Apart from that, manipulating strings and splitting columns is very easy to do in KNIME itself. This would save you the trouble of running everything through an external application.



Hi RolandBurger

Thank you for your response. I am sharing the spreadsheet with false records to explain the situation. Column Column 6 to Column9 has address of the people. Here, the postal code and city is messed up. We have to extract the postal code and city and put it in Column 10 and Column 11. 

I have highlighted the row which has correct records.

Let me know how this could be achieved using the node itself.

Also, I would like to know is there any node to check the Character length of value of a cell in a column and extract the extra character and append it to the value adjacent to that cell.