External Tools

This shows a simple example of calling the external tools node. The workflow data directory contains all the necessay files: input.txt addNumber.sh output.txt The addNumber.sh script requires two Command Line Arguments. The first is the path to the file you would like to read and the second is the number you would like to add to the input. You may get a permissions error running the script, and can set full read-write-execute access to the script by running the command "chmod u=rwx,g=rwx,o=rwx addNumber.sh" The script itself: #! /bin/bash filename=$1 n=$2 while read line; do sum=$(($line + $n)) echo $sum >>output.txt done < $filename

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Hi, I have downloaded the workflow but none of the files listed below where included in the download. Please can you advise where I can find these files in order to be able to learn how to External Tool node?


Thanks in advance.