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I want to extract information about minute durations (just the numbers) which is stored in a column with some unnecessary text, characters and other stuff like “25 ABC <> 35D ABC - 10 min”; and the unit of measurement varies from “10Min” to “4 Min”, “27min” etc.

I tried to use regex split with .(\d\d)(?:min|Min| min| Min). which returns all the 2 digit numbers in front of min/Min/ min/ Min (great success) but obviously not the 1 digit numbers.

However, when I use .(\d+)(?:min|Min| min| Min). or .(\d{1,2})(?:min|Min| min| Min). oder .([0-9]+)(?:min|Min| min| Min). it only gives me the 2nd digit (0 instead of 20) and so on.

HOW can I get all the 1 digit numbers AND 2 digit numbers with this split? I googled all the expressions for digit expressions but none of them seems to work so there must be a mistake somwhere else I guess.

Thank you in advance

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Based on what you wrote I assume the problem is the leading . .Not sure if you need it, but if so replace it by [^\d]* (not a digit). Hope the syntax is correct.



Hello @peppapiglet,

this happens cause regex is by default greedy. To make it lazy you can use *? quantifier after leading dot.

This one should work in String Manipulation node:

regexReplace( $column1$, "(?i).*?(\\d{1,2})(?:\\s?min).*", "$1" )

And this one in Regex Split node (there you have case case insensitive check box and don’t need escaping):


The only difference is when there is no match. String Manipulation will return string as is and Regex Split will return missing value.



That solved it for me!

Thank you both so much!


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