Extract a data table from URL

I was trying to retrieve a data table from a url so I can write it into Excel. I tried a couple of nodes that was suggested in forum but couldn’t get them to work. If anybody can help me that’d be great. I have included the URL below. Thanks so much.

Hi @davidlan , it would be helpful to show us what you have tried and what messages you got.

Looking at the website though, I’m not sure what you are expecting to do or what you are expecting to retrieve (hence why I want to see what you did).

If you are interested in the table in the middle, you will have to parse the html to get to that table (which itself is an html table).

There should probably be an api to retrieve that data only. You can check some instructions here:

Alternatively, if you check the html code, you could rely on the download links of the different CSV files, so you could retrieve the files via knime based on the download links. What’s important is the pid.

If that’s too complicated, you can simply manually download the table as a csv (via the download button on the website), and then open the csv in Knime.

I’m not sure what your use cases are, if you are going to have dynamic searches, in which case manual download would be a problem. That’s where you would have to rely on the download links from the code, or use the api. But if it’s only this table that you are interested in, just download it via the download button and then just work from the downloaded csv


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