Extract a text between delimiters

Hello, I have a string that contains this information, this is part of a full text:


I’m looking for the equivalent of a “Extract text between delimiters”.
My delimiters are “Name:” and “Email:”.

I have tried the string manipulation node according to the trouble shooting of the KNIME Community, but is not working as expected and I have no idea on how to set this up correctly.

The expected result is to have “First Name, Last Name” on my “Body.TextBody” column

Could you please upload your example with its exact configuration? Its a difficult to understand the formatting from the screenshot.

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Here are two Solutions

  1. Use String Manipulation Node with following Expression
    substr($Body.TextBody$,5, indexOf($Body.TextBody$,“Email:”)-6)

  2. Using Cell Splitter Nodes in sequence and specify delimiters as Name: and Email:

Below is attached sample workflow

QnA2.knwf (27.4 KB)


Hi @Annag,
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Another option, using the regexReplace example in String Manipulation, is this: