Extract and Insert Column Header


I'm new to Knime so sorry for maybe stupid question.


I have a problem with Insert Column Header. 

I created some excel file, very simple that has few rows. I imported it to Knime and started working on it. So I tryied to extract Column header and it went great but when I want to insert it does not work. I mean I extracetd it and upper flaw is my header and bottom is content of the table. I added Insert header and conected upper line with upper and bottom with bottom, but after executed noting is happening. 


So how can I add insert column header?  Should I mess with flow variable in Insert mode? I tryied almost anything but no luck. 


Thanks for help. 

Hi 89

no you need to transpose the table.

The Extract Column header table will generate you a row with headers,

However, the insert column header need two columns for the replacement, so you need to add a transpose inbetween.

Cheers, Iris

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Forgive me that I am doing it just now, but thank you for help. It solved my problem. 


Thanks again :) 

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