Extract calculated value out of a table and add as constant value to another table

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I wonder if someone of you could help me to figure out how I can add a calculated value, coming out of the math formula node as a constant value to another table for further calculation.
As shown below, I’d like to extract the value of 1.199% and add it as a constant value to another table.
Target is that always the calculated percentage of the total row is the transferred constant value to another table.

By the way, I do struggle to find a solution to rename the row “Row0_dup_Row0_dup” to “TOTAL”.
If you have some idea for that as well, highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hey Tobias,

see this example

Basically you have to determine “How to find” the relevant row that holds the value you want to add. In the example provided (similar to your original table) I have chosen to keep only the rows with missing values.

Then you turn it into a variable and use that variable you just defined in the Constant Value Column node.

Hope that helps.


Hi @Toby76

See this workflow KNIME_project2.knwf (36.2 KB)

gr. Hans


Hello Hans, hello Kowisoft!
Thank you both very much for your great help on my issue.
I implemented as shown, basically following Hans’s workflow.
It worked like a charm!

Table output as required with constant value and also added TOTAL on row ID column.

Again, thank you both very much!

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