Extract complete list of scheduled jobs used in Knime Server


I have a requirement to collect a list of workflows which are scheduled in my Knime Server 3.6.1. I would like to know where should i get complete list of workflows ,no of nodes used for each workflows.

I know we store all the metadata informations and settings into a physical directory. I want to where will I get those details.

Can some please help me on this regard?

Hi mari,

You can use the attached workflow to get a list of scheduled jobs. The node usage statistics give information on node usage. You can find that via the REST endpoint:

They’re not yet detailed enough to link back to individual workflows, but watch this space…

For all workflows: https:///knime/rest/v4/repository/?deep=true will return a JSON file listing all workflows.


Jonlist_scheduled_jobs.knwf (28.1 KB)

Thank you jonfuller .This is really helpful.

Hey mari,

You can also obtain a list of all scheduled jobs for a repository (as long as you have read access to every workflow) via the https:///knime/rest/v4/scheduled-jobs endpoint


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