Extract Context Properties node values are not generated in knime server 4.11

Earlier WorkFlow(WF) was running in KNIME Server 4.10, Extract Context Properties node is used to fetch the path of the WF. Recently we had upgraded to KNIME 4.11 server and there are null values from Extract Context Properties node.

Key findings -
context.workflow.path is null
context.worklow.absolute.path value is different between 4.10 and 4.11

PFB table for difference in value generated

Any suggestions to get the context.workflow.path from KNIME WF in 4.11 server using Extract Context Properties node will be helpful.

Hi @mathi,

The reason this is happening is that you are either using Qpid or RabitMQ to connect Server and Executor. The current implementation assumes that a file system path to the root of the mountpoint (workflow repository in this case) exists. This is not true any more for queue-based executors.

This is a known issue, and we will work on a solution.


Hi there,

we just released KNIME Server 4.11.2 and this bug was part of the fix.

Cheers, Iris

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