Extract data from website with condition

Hi everyone,

I want to extract the list of cities in this website (http://www.simontagna.it/portalesim/comunimontani.html#LetteraA), but only the ones with a fully grey box next to the name.
I have already tried to do it manually from the website code but is something really time consuming.

Many thanks

You can use Webpage Retriever node in combination with XPath (https://kni.me/w/wUay_fyEeheZMxKL) to extract all records and then select the relevant ones based on the image information.

Hi Marten,

thank you for your reply.
I’m trying to set a flow with table creator and webpage retriever but, once in Xpath I’m totally blocked on how to set it properly.

Can you help?

On the Hub there are some example workflows using xPath node, e.g. this one: https://kni.me/w/TL06C2MD8b-04e85

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